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File: fc47104_1271233649.rukis_page1.jpg-(442.42KB, 762x984, 1271233649.rukis_page1.jpg)
3290 No. 3290 Locked Stickied watch
So recently, Rukis decided to make one of her older drawings on furaffinity into an actual comic.
There is no scheduled dates per page, but I thought this would be a nice place to discuss it or flame it. Constructively and respectively, of corse... Pfffffft.
So far, I'm liking it.
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No. 3291
File: fc47105_1271310664.rukis_page_2.jpg-(577.31KB, 750x993, 1271310664.rukis_page_2.jpg)
2 of ??
No. 3292
File: fc49075_1271632712.rukis_page_3.jpg-(502.13KB, 765x1053, 1271632712.rukis_page_3.jpg)
Been updated to 6 pages now.

3 of ?
No. 3293
File: fc49076_1271655380.rukis_page_4.jpg-(525.65KB, 765x1053, 1271655380.rukis_page_4.jpg)
4 of ?
No. 3294
File: fc49078_1272190784.rukis_page-5.jpg-(472.80KB, 765x1053, 1272190784.rukis_page-5.jpg)
5 of ?
No. 3295
File: fc49079_1272364870.rukis_page-6.jpg-(421.14KB, 765x1053, 1272364870.rukis_page-6.jpg)
6 of ?

That's it for now...
No. 3296
File: fc49080_1272530566.rukis_page-7.jpg-(439.09KB, 765x1053, 1272530566.rukis_page-7.jpg)
oops, 7 pages.

7 of ?
No. 3311
File: fc49752_1273139224_rukis_page_9.jpg-(250.31KB, 791x1075, 1273139224_rukis_page_9.jpg)
No. 3314
File: fc50338_1273629919.rukis_page-10.jpg-(598.80KB, 765x1053, 1273629919.rukis_page-10.jpg)
Page 10 of ??
No. 3316
File: fc50823_1273989491_rukis_page-11.jpg-(507.82KB, 765x1053, 1273989491_rukis_page-11.jpg)
Page 11
No. 3317
File: fc50824_1274004045_rukis_page-12.jpg-(552.68KB, 765x1053, 1274004045_rukis_page-12.jpg)
Page 12
No. 3331
File: fc51244_1274329188.rukis_page_13.jpg-(407.12KB, 765x1053, 1274329188.rukis_page_13.jpg)
Wow, didn't know my post got stickied.
No. 3333
File: fc51265_1274338591.rukis_page_14.jpg-(370.86KB, 761x1067, 1274338591.rukis_page_14.jpg)
Page 14 of ??
No. 3344
File: fc51408_1274442194.rukis_page-15.jpg-(468.13KB, 798x1053, 1274442194.rukis_page-15.jpg)
Page 15 of ?
No. 3351
File: fc51535_1274519939.rukis_page-16.jpg-(407.36KB, 756x1053, 1274519939.rukis_page-16.jpg)
really starting to remind me of my relationship now LOL dont do it, marcus, he's too straight for you! XD
No. 3364
File: fc51877_1274783724_rukis_page-17.jpg-(344.34KB, 734x984, 1274783724_rukis_page-17.jpg)
Only a matter of time now...
No. 3384
File: fc51946_1274867471.rukis_page-18.jpg-(465.05KB, 762x992, 1274867471.rukis_page-18.jpg)
Or...fuck it, Ill spoon feed it for you...
No. 3417
File: fc52735_Page 19 Path 1.jpg-(402.29KB, 765x1053, Page 19 Path 1.jpg)
Page 19, Path 1.

So the story splits here. There is Path 1 (Yay sex) and Path 2 (No sex). Eventually the stories converge again.
No. 3418
File: fc52736_Page 19 Path 2.jpg-(461.27KB, 765x1053, Page 19 Path 2.jpg)
Page 19 Path 2
No. 3426
File: fc52788_1275622789.rukis_page-20.jpg-(500.78KB, 765x1053, 1275622789.rukis_page-20.jpg)
No. 3439
File: fc52911_1275707925.rukis_page-21.jpg-(515.26KB, 765x1053, 1275707925.rukis_page-21.jpg)
less talk moar cock
No. 3442
File: fc52947_b5c32cbe987072ee5d602aed6d4522e3.jpg-(454.80KB, 765x1053, b5c32cbe987072ee5d602aed6d4522e3.jpg)
you guys should thank me
No. 3458
File: fc53181_1275903323.rukis_page-23.jpg-(474.64KB, 765x1053, 1275903323.rukis_page-23.jpg)
No. 3487
File: fc53522_1276245444.rukis_page_30.jpg-(550.26KB, 765x1053, 1276245444.rukis_page_30.jpg)
No. 3488
File: fc53523_1276255500.rukis_page-31.jpg-(462.60KB, 765x1053, 1276255500.rukis_page-31.jpg)
No. 3516
File: fc53633_1276332575.rukis_page-32.jpg-(425.32KB, 765x1053, 1276332575.rukis_page-32.jpg)
oh and conent bump... like, just now.
No. 3518
File: fc53645_1276346156.rukis_page-33.jpg-(469.92KB, 765x1053, 1276346156.rukis_page-33.jpg)
How about some page 33?
No. 3529
File: fc53745_34.jpg-(408.27KB, 765x1053, 34.jpg)
No. 3531
File: fc53769_Cover.jpg-(874.78KB, 1183x765, Cover.jpg)
If anyone is really interested in actually buying it. You can pre-order it here. http://furplanet.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=465
No. 3541
File: fc53795_Page 35.jpg-(413.08KB, 765x1037, Page 35.jpg)
From the FA Artist comments:

"This panel also adequately expresses how I feel about most of the spoiled, selfish little whiners on Pawsru.org. Please kindly go eat a dick."

>Telling a gay guys to eat a dick
No. 3556
File: fc53925_36.jpg-(435.08KB, 765x1053, 36.jpg)
No. 3559
File: fc53955_37.jpg-(516.60KB, 765x1053, 37.jpg)
No. 3569
File: fc54042_Page 38.jpg-(543.76KB, 765x1053, Page 38.jpg)
While we figure out how the fuck he aged 2 months overnight...
No. 3571
File: fc54071_1276674752.rukis_page-39.jpg-(520.26KB, 765x1053, 1276674752.rukis_page-39.jpg)
No. 3576
File: fc54174_1276745126.rukis_page-40.jpg-(502.21KB, 765x1053, 1276745126.rukis_page-40.jpg)
No. 3586
File: fc54204_41.jpg-(479.98KB, 765x1053, 41.jpg)
No. 3590
File: fc54271_rukis_page-42.jpg-(449.29KB, 765x1053, rukis_page-42.jpg)
No. 3591
File: fc54272_38487490.page_42.jpg-(18.11KB, 218x300, 38487490.page_42.jpg)
Just missing the final page...
But hell for sure, I'm going to pre-order the comic!

(For those who don't have an FA account, or don't bother to check it out: Here's some comment she wrote.)

As this is the close of this comic, I'm going to address a few things, preemptively. The biggest, of course, is the question that is FLOODING my inbox, and splattered all over the comic pages.

Namely, whether or not I plan to do a sequel.

I'll be honest. . . this is the story I wanted to tell. In fact, I lengthened it from an original estimated 30 pages. This was always supposed to be a short, one-shot comic. A few pages out of these characters' lives. I've never intended to continue it in any kind of second installment.

That being said. . . I've gotten very attached to the characters over the run of the comic. And I understand where some of you are coming from. I've considered doing some 'snippet' comics following the close of the main one, to tie up a few loose ends. They wouldn't so much be a second story, as snapshots from the lives of the characters after the end of this story. I'm not sure how I'd put them out, honestly. . . or how many of them I'd do.

My feelings towards any sort of official 'sequel' are. . . I really don't think this story needs it. Yes, there are a LOT of loose ends. . . things unexplored, characters undeveloped, but. . . I'm not a fan of sequels. I think it could cheapen the original story. . . or that, at the very least, I wouldn't live up to the first one. I'm afraid I'd disappoint you all.

The other major roadblock is that I have a far larger project in the works. And this is another question I've been getting a lot of that I'm going to address right here and now. I WILL be doing another comic, following this one. It is an entirely separate comic from Cruelty. Different world, different characters. And it will be FAR more long-running. I'm thinking 10 volumes, 30 pages per. . . or something along those lines. That's a rough estimate right now. I have the whole story and the cast of characters developed, I just haven't entirely fleshed it out, yet. What's more, this comic will be in COLOR.

Right now, I don't have anything to throw at you all concerning that project except the following. The comic is called 'Red Lantern'. It is an adult comic. It has graphic violence, and sexual content (of all persuasions), as well as some very dark themes I won't get into just yet. It is anthro-centric, and will be traditionally hand-drawn/digitally colored. I'll start putting it out sometime in the Fall, after I've finally defeated my commission roster. I don't know how I'm releasing it, yet. SOME of it will certainly be available online. I'm just trying to decide how much.

I appreciate all the enthusiasm and the love for the Cruelty characters, and trust me. . . I won't forget about them. But I would have to be SERIOUSLY convinced to do a sequel. Feel free to argue your case. I'm going to give the comic a year to sit, and cool off. If after a year or so's gone by, and I'm STILL getting a lot of interest in the idea, or if enough of you can make a good argument for it. . . I'll consider it. If I ever did, I'd want to do it in color. I think at the very least, that'd separate it some from this one. Like, the 'adult years'. . . as opposed to the more juvenile art/shading.

And now, a list of little-known facts, concerning the comic, and characters!

- Reis's full name is Reis Northcote
- Marcus's full name is Marcus Laramie
- Reis is a full year older than Marcus. He was set back a grade, when he was younger
- Almost ALL of Marcus's friends in school are female, save Reis
- Reis's father OD'd when Reis was 5, before Marcus met him. He died in a hospital. Reis has been terrified of hospitals, to this day
- Marcus's parents own a significant amount of Real Estate, and Marcus's father works away from home, most of the time. His family is fairly wealthy.
- Reis is a hybrid. Half wolf, half dog. His mother was the wolf.
- Marcus is not an only child. He has two sisters and a brother. He is, however, the youngest child.
- The fur on Reis's chest and tummy forms a vague 'heart' design, coming up along the collarbones, and tapering down between his legs. Marcus has always teased him about it.
No. 3611
File: fc54468_1276945841.rukis_porntage.jpg-(301.57KB, 893x585, 1276945841.rukis_porntage.jpg)
No. 3628
File: fc55070_rukis_jock_attitude.jpg-(642.92KB, 638x877, rukis_jock_attitude.jpg)
No. 3630
File: fc55154_Detox.jpg-(691.19KB, 1053x765, Detox.jpg)
>>54787 Updated
No. 3636
File: fc55497_With Honors.jpg-(652.06KB, 850x762, With Honors.jpg)
No. 3637
File: fc55499_Musk.jpg-(333.89KB, 890x700, Musk.jpg)
No. 3676
This is one of the best furry comics lately. I really enjoyed it.

I think we should pay respect to the author and add those 6 pages to dnp list.

don't like my decisions? - get the fuck out.

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