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File: fc50849_1165566754.miles-df_havy_metal__page01_.jpg-(176.60KB, 1000x692, 1165566754.miles-df_havy_metal__page01_.jpg)
50849 No. 50849 watch
anyone have the rest of this comic?
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No. 50850
File: fc50850_1165778575.miles-df_havy_metal__page02_.jpg-(165.32KB, 1000x671, 1165778575.miles-df_havy_metal__page02_.jpg)
No. 50851
File: fc50851_1166003742.miles-df_heavy_metal__page03_.jpg-(118.69KB, 1000x679, 1166003742.miles-df_heavy_metal__page03_.jpg)
No. 50852
File: fc50852_1166365719.miles-df_heavy_metal__page04_.jpg-(161.00KB, 1000x675, 1166365719.miles-df_heavy_metal__page04_.jpg)
No. 50857
need more please
No. 50869
let me get this straight... she tickles him so that he loses concentration and the heavy weight is pressing down on his chest, preventing him from drawing breath. then she leaves him to suffocate, ignoring his requests from help...

now that is what i call a bitch... a real bitch... there's no excuse for that, sorry

common sense alone should tell you just how dangerous playing around with these heavy weights is
No. 50870

It's an illustration dude....it didnt actually happen...
No. 50872
Fuck that bitch

Maybe the artist is giving him incentive to rape the shit out of her
No. 50873
In a situation like that, you're just supposed to let one side drop and push it over. Still, that is just NOT something you ever do to someone in a gym. Way too fucking dangerous.
No. 50884
Wow, this is some old stuff.

Brings back some memories.
No. 50913
>>50869 I agree, Either she's that dense, or just a real bitch
No. 50930
wow you tards really get into your fictional shit
No. 50935
Another one of Miles DF's unfinished comics. The guy does great art yet seems too busy to push out large amounts.
No. 50947
>>50930 Yeah, just like the majority of people in the world do with various fictional media- films, television, books and yes, comics.

If you actually had a life and real friends you would know this fact.

So now we start the countdown for the retarded response from the obvious anti-social misanthropic shut-in...three...two...and...
No. 50948
File: fc50948_gentleman_and_scientist.gif-(37.83KB, 300x352, gentleman_and_scientist.gif)

Suspension of disbelief is present in everything from the smuttiest of pornographic materials to works of Shakespearian quality.

Scenarios that are simply too unrealistic to accept, which can happen quite readily in racy illustrations and erotic fiction, tend to break that suspension. Once it's broken, then the reader ceases to enjoy himself and, for lack of a better metaphor, starts tossing tomatoes.

On the slight chance that you would imply that the existence of anthropomorphic animals in itself a rather difficult situation to accept, such a scenario is looked over as a sort of "quid pro quo" in exchange for the entertainment of the comic. On the contrary, the idea of a right-minded individual allowing another person to come so close to death for no apparent reason seems to highlight a rather crude attempt at the author to advance the plotline, thus breaking the reader's suspension of disbelief across the knee of the author's incompetence.

Although it may not stop some of us from entirely enjoying this particular work, such a flaw stands out like a poorly executed dialog in a pornographic movie. Of course the woman's breasts are rosy and lovely, and her vulva plump and velvety, but her voice sounds like a thousand tiny nails against the blackboard of your mind. The quintessential "fly in the ointment" if you will.

Now I must join my colleagues at the hunting lodge. Good day sir.
No. 50959
thats just.....win good sir...
No. 50992

'"quid pro quo"'

'in exchange'

No. 51066

I'm not the same poster you were referring to, but I still personally don't see how something like this could evoke such an emotional response.

When I see this, I don't think "let me get this straight... she tickles him so that he loses concentration and the heavy weight is pressing down on his chest, preventing him from drawing breath. then she leaves him to suffocate, ignoring his requests from help...

now that is what i call a bitch... a real bitch... there's no excuse for that, sorry

common sense alone should tell you just how dangerous playing around with these heavy weights is"

I think "Ok, it is very clear that she is a bitch but its more important for him to get out of that situation, which he could do by tilting the weight to one side and pushing with upward force on the other side allowing himself to escape"

It didn't evoke such an emotional response from me. I mean it is clear she is a bitch, but is it really good for ones mind to make such strong emotional connections over material like this?
No. 51072
I think we can all agree that the character is a bitch. /thread

I won't remove the spam unless it continues. please move all philosophical or metaphysical ideas or views to /dis/. :3
No. 51092
..... am i the only one who noticed that she actually looked at the form of death and glared at him? i for one want to know where this goes
No. 51093

No, you're not the only one. But I can see why you might think that.
No. 51153
...but she has a nice ass.
No. 51378
Let's keep the pages coming please! In other words, BUMP
No. 51387
This was made a long time ago and has no other pages. Seeing how long its taking for part 2 of Love Can Be Different, I wouldn't wait around for this to be completed. It will most likely stay unfinished but I've been wrong before.
No. 53174
You say its not finished, but seeing the authors other works I would not be surprised if it is. I don't think he neglects to continue his work. More that he doesn't follow the standard of story telling that we are used to.

By definition, this (as well as many of his other stories) is completely inappropriate. However, he has been very consistent in the following.

Abrupt endings
Controversial story lines
Distinct characteristics that invoke mixed emotions from the audience

There is always a great deal of in depth conversation after each of his stories is posted here. Therefor in my opinion, his story was nothing but a success.

But, on the off chance that I'm totally fucking wrong; BUMP! ;3
No. 53266

This predates Love Can Be Different and it's him experimenting with the comic artistic format. It seems he has cleaned up his FA page since, but I recall him saying so back when he originally posted this.
No. 53393
The biggest problem I see is that the Grim Reaper is whetting the top (blunt) edge of the scythe.
No. 53451

I can't say I can blame the artist, since many depictions of the scythe have that portion bladed as well (for some reason). You are right, though.
No. 53754
what I was thinkin tbh.
No. 53768
With everyone annoyed with the fact she tickled him while benching.. Why was he doing that alone without a spotter if he wasn't looking for a deathwish.

Does anyone know the date of when this was originally started and when the last one was posted?
No. 53770
this thing is years old. years.

before the first LCBD
No. 53837
any more?
No. 59395
oh man do i know what thats like.... that right there is de ja vu 2 the max
No. 59405

no you dont
No. 62120
well... i'd have to agree... but i think he meant haveing a weight fall on him or sumtin..... just guessin... cuz im pretty sure no one sees THAT
No. 77045
bump to see if more was ever posted
No. 77124
plz finded the rest of comic plz
No. 78056
bump for the comic
No. 78354
find the rest plz
No. 78409
>>78354 there is no rest, so stop bumping
No. 84881
is that guy retarded? every weigth lifter should know the he should have at least one spotter. i know it's furries and all but put a little common sense into the work.
No. 84939
>>84881 Its a plot device. Shut up.
No. 88209
Resurrection bump.
No. 92296
any moar?
No. 92300
probably should be less plates on the bar i kno this is fantasy or w/e but ive never seen anyone with his build do over 350.... and thats easily 470 assuming the big plates are 45s...
No. 92369
File: fc92369_bodybuilder3.jpg-(30.87KB, 306x390, bodybuilder3.jpg)
<- not even that guy?
No. 92377
What a pussy.... lol
No. 92416
>>92369 I doubt that guy can even still move normally. Though I think he needs to be euthanised with all that cancer growth.

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