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File 13045420369.jpg - (112.11KB , 800x565 , 3aac7254f6ae12bb0dc4d1e18dc77ab1.jpg )
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Let's make a experiment on the New PawsX. You know the rules

1. If you approve, don't say shit. If you don't approve, don't say shit.

2. Post Porn.

3. Fuck your fetishes. Keep it vanilla.

4. Post good porn.

5. Post more porn. Especially if it's a widescreen pin-up. Then I can use it as wallpaper.

Got it?
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>> No. 38074 ID: 6a17f5
File 141433696230.jpg - (122.89KB , 914x1280 , wildlion_lightsguydave_png.jpg )

File 130453654587.jpg - (256.48KB , 1032x774 , 1299417523583.jpg )
12 No. 12 ID: d30a41 Locked Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Old Paws Archive: http://pawsru.org/f/

File 139249180313.jpg - (1.72MB , 3000x3200 , ad2a5f74047aefe088547dd3fec524ba.jpg )
36458 No. 36458 ID: e02a9d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm trying to figure out who does these edits so I can ask them to do an edit of a pic. so...anyone have a clue who did these edits?
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>> No. 38090 ID: db0f26
"That's a conveniently likely story. But, whatever."

Why don't you try looking at the individual IDs on each of my posts, smartass? Maybe you'll notice that THE FUCKING ID CHANGES between each one.

"Then, maybe it is YOU who shouldn't be telling others that they don't know what they are talking about..."

Excuse me for not manically stalking the Chalo edit threads every hour each day to see EXACTLY what was posted. Believe it or not, I have this thing outside the internet called a "life". I based all my statements on what I knew from the time I DID spend on that thread. Just because you apparently are a major-league lurker on those threads doesn't make me obligated to do the same. So don't even start giving me bullshit about what I said regarding those threads just because I don't hang around them as much as you do.

"If you actually read what I wrote, you'd know some key points about how I'm not denying that he's an adequate 2D tracer/artist(they are there, you have to look though)..."

If you actually knew how to use deductive reasoning, you'd know that I was referring to how in the beginning of this little exchange, I thought you *were* trash-talking cainesart, and I responded according to that initial perception of mine. I've acknowledged that you aren't trash-talking him after all.

Y'know, you could've just shut up and let the conversation end after my last post. I said that I'd take your word for it, yet you just don't seem content to leave it at that. Why are you insisting on continuing to act like a sanctimonious prick? (Fifty bucks says you won't let it end, and you'll keep attempting to make counterarguments to everything I say. Why don't you prove me wrong, and just stop?)
>> No. 38108 ID: 00e589
File 141478734528.jpg - (1.96MB , 2958x3200 , 12f5b640806b97f5ffb51a2753f42337.jpg )
To whoever it concerns(or 'doesn't'), It appears that RW has created a new Chalo Edit thread that he plans to fill with some of cainsart's work(Chalo traces)/RW's unposted commissions. Anticipation and anxiety by some of the user base builds, as works are apparently surfacing along with users posting their concerns about the matter. Some users fear that hurtful(but sometimes truthful) comments and 'frivolous' requests might turn him away again, and some even believe that he can be coxed back to the hugbox, or at least have their suggestions/ideas heard and magically fulfilled as if the thread were a type of wishing well, as the "threat" of "obligation" is no longer present there under the threads 'terms/rules'.

Rw says, that cainsart will NOT be taking requests and will NOT make a direct presence in the thread, but is open to ideas that are presented within it. So basically that means the syntax has changed; instead of asking him for something to be done, users just mention things that would be neat to see and they might just suddenly appear, or not.

It appears that this new method allows cainsart, through Rw, to get Ideas he normally couldn't come up with on his own without the stress of direct user intervention. Basically, he's using a proxy to shield him from the stress of possible harsh criticism. Also some artists can't seem to bring themselves to leave, despite whatever baggage it is that they carry with them.

With the holidays coming up, it's hard to tell how well this method will play out for both parties as Holiday stress is particularly poisonous to some artists(and even users).

Yes, I was reading between the lines there when word came of that last week, so this could very well just be unsubstantiated speculation. We'll just have to wait and see what develops.
>> No. 38109 ID: 00e589
File 141478753355.jpg - (946.77KB , 2140x3500 , spirit_knightvec2.jpg )

So, you resorted to that?
Well, that being the case, I think I can safely say that you might not be worth the time as you have resorted to such tactics.

If it makes you feel better, I'll offer you some advice and we'll see if it improves your outlook/interpretation of things or not.

(^See that segmented line other users? That's your queue to stop reading this post. Some may believe that it should have been placed higher up, sorry about that. This line 'exists' in many other posts too, it just maybe that it's your first time seeing it tangibly.)

"Why don't you try looking at the individual IDs on each of my posts, smartass? Maybe you'll notice that THE FUCKING ID CHANGES between each one."

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 138324907553.png - (1.02MB , 774x1031 , _c_take_me_for_a_walk__by_priincessu-d6pjqsa.png )
35688 No. 35688 ID: 2b92d7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
How About a Halloween thread?
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>> No. 38104 ID: c090e6
File 141466853748.png - (65.68KB , 300x300 , felisrandomis_pumpkin_tr.png )
>> No. 38105 ID: c090e6
File 141466886058.png - (490.42KB , 916x1280 , fancy-fancy_zaowitchsmall.png )
>> No. 38107 ID: 2b4f8d
File 141477916368.jpg - (212.85KB , 1180x774 , 1256966729_furnut5158_halloween09yay.jpg )

File 136873624680.jpg - (738.59KB , 960x960 , 1367782678607.jpg )
33122 No. 33122 ID: bbd9f8 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
A thread for all the furry cartoon gals.
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>> No. 37954 ID: 2a953f
Thanks a lot.
>> No. 38087 ID: 710802
File 14145824101.png - (1.76MB , 2900x2700 , 8ec8c1356683be5f78635ddae61d4e05.png )
>> No. 38106 ID: 8ee41d
File 141471603411.png - (168.71KB , 600x820 , wDhcMnF.png )

complete enjoy my pets

File 140580669236.png - (343.13KB , 916x720 , 2dc29ee5d67ed5417f62e80e6481f18e.png )
37465 No. 37465 ID: 4f48a4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I need to expand my orgy/3way folder
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>> No. 38097 ID: e07ac1
File 141461805393.jpg - (739.28KB , 1300x1004 , SF_2012_TSA_20.jpg )
>> No. 38098 ID: e07ac1
File 141461934425.jpg - (533.53KB , 927x1200 , SF_2012_03_by_tsampikos.jpg )
>> No. 38099 ID: e07ac1
File 141462413552.png - (239.14KB , 1015x766 , 1404434681_insomniacovrlrd_23flgfs.png )

File 136896840633.jpg - (58.80KB , 579x900 , meesh_girl.jpg )
33235 No. 33235 ID: d8cafe hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 35157 ID: 9e3236
File 137678377613.gif - (202.01KB , 300x300 , ajht01.gif )
>> No. 35791 ID: 01eb35
File 138480706989.jpg - (51.31KB , 650x630 , bgl04.jpg )
>> No. 38085 ID: c42b11
File 141449098798.jpg - (54.21KB , 850x520 , mgl0182.jpg )

File 138568302445.png - (1.12MB , 2543x3264 , 518512_nekoru_img277d.png )
35998 No. 35998 ID: 2eb756 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 37780 ID: bda751
File 140995641084.jpg - (61.69KB , 698x443 , 194982_SergioNekitosso_eric_marina.jpg )
>> No. 37781 ID: bda751
File 140995644039.png - (1.66MB , 1200x1050 , f102541_kittycouch.png )
>> No. 38076 ID: aa4987
File 141435111532.jpg - (260.25KB , 1140x891 , 422614.jpg )

File 136884010983.jpg - (369.14KB , 840x840 , fisk_jn-mandy.jpg )
33166 No. 33166 ID: 60e97a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The Mares Return!
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>> No. 37272 ID: a04fd5
File 140173522715.jpg - (127.86KB , 900x900 , 1401730362_dragontalon_fortuna_jav.jpg )
>> No. 37927 ID: 29101d
File 141250087292.png - (549.34KB , 1024x768 , c2d5f855a001019fd3f471fe0684c7b7.png )
>> No. 38073 ID: 6a17f5
File 141433680064.jpg - (84.93KB , 1280x942 , wildlion_femaleych_png.jpg )

File 136854911647.jpg - (88.37KB , 700x909 , UNDERVIX.jpg )
33024 No. 33024 ID: 074b29 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 38070 ID: 6a17f5
File 141433661440.jpg - (115.41KB , 804x1280 , wildlion_wild_png.jpg )
>> No. 38071 ID: 6a17f5
File 141433665076.png - (1.15MB , 959x1112 , wildlion_kibainlove.png )
>> No. 38072 ID: 6a17f5
File 14143367013.png - (316.62KB , 472x577 , wildlion_ych13.png )

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